• Attend/Host a Community Clinic
  • Join Men on The Mainline or SiStars United 
  • Attend MLK Day in Richmond on 1/19/2015

  • Join Mens Night Out
  • join SiStars Night Out (or In)!




The Evidence of Gods Grace

  1. Sharing Stories 
  2. Simple Steps to Getting Involved
  3. Community Violence
  4. Relationships

Community Leadership Clinics

Faith Based Legislative Action – non-partisan voter education activities intended to encourage people in the faith community to participate in the electoral process and building community partnerships with local and state officials. 

We believe that it is a moral imperative to reduce death and injury from violence and endorse comprehensive and effective policy measures to reduce and prevent violence in our communities.

We must support and encourage policies that keep OUR communities safe. We must hold our elected officials accountable to represent us!

We must do more than gather together momentarily...  Our Faith must be bigger than our Fear !  Our  Voices Matter and make the difference.  

​We Will Not Be Silent! 


"There Is Hope ."

Get Involved!

The Saturday Academy for Positive Self -Development 

A  collaborative gift-BASED ministry, working TOGETHER to be visible in the reality


 In the midst of brokenness and violence, we must come together in Love to heal our communities. As we bring our voices together for restorative solutions, faith, morals and cultural structure will promote, nurture and guide our lives daily.  Understanding the connection of crime, our communities must become aware of the common misunderstanding of the issues. 

​We must share in the responsibility of the healing process!