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Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws

Gun violence is inflicted upon people across Virginia  on a daily basis.  It steals lives, destroys families, and hampers quality of life for all city residents.  These shootings need to stop—and in order to stop them we need to work together to keep guns out of the hands of those who intend to harm others.  

In Virginia, there are two primary reasons that dangerous individuals have easy access to firearms:

Federal and state law prohibits felons from purchasing or possessing firearms, but Virginia does not require a background check on all gun sales.  This loophole allows any criminal or gang member to purchase firearms from a private seller without undergoing a background check.

Even though the evidence shows that those convicted of violent misdemeanors are at greater risk for future violence, Virginia law allows such individuals to buy all the guns they want, legally.

We Must Do More!  Stand with us by taking less than 30 seconds to add your name to Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws at    NOW!!!

​We Will Not Be Silent!!!