The Saturday Academy for Positive Self -Development 

A  collaborative gift-BASED ministry, working TOGETHER to be visible in the reality


"There Is Hope ."

M. Julius Hayes, Ph. D. 

Rev. Dr. M. Julius Hayes, is the founder of the Saturday Academy for Positive Self-Development which was created in an effort to construct an environment to combat today’s disinterest in an appreciation for learning, to negate the celebration of violence and self-destruction; to eradicate the need for substance abuse dependency; and to offset the enhancement of negative self-image reinforcement. 

Dr. Hayes is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent  Educator, ordained to preach, teach, counsel, coach, minister, and mentor serving as a Faith-based Engagement, Community Life Pastor in Virginia- He has the ability to articulate the multifaceted functions of the community, ecumenically building support, seeking to span all religions for empowering fathers, youngsters, families and their children through various programs and services. Dr. Hayes partners with projects and organizations through advocacy. In a community effort he began the project Connect with Conduct in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia.  Working with the Portsmouth Department of Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services, which taught parents and youngsters to work together to solve their problems. Additionally, leading Faith Based Engagement of Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws throughout Hampton Roads and the Eastern shore of Virginia, The No More Bullets (Books Not Bullets)campaign was instituted.  Dr. Hayes provides behavioral consultation to school districts, Court Service Units and Correctional Facilities he uses five cornerstones: education, empowerment, encouragement, inspiration and support to engage healthy dialogue. 

His giftedness, faith, spirit sensitivity engaged in a particular ministry situation; understanding of God through scripture; theology, the history of God’s people, and other disciplines of learning; and keen awareness of the context keeps him in high demand nationally and internationally.  Dr. Hayes serves as an advisor to the Junior Brotherhood and family Life, of The Brotherhood of St. Andrew (The Episcopal Church).    His broadcast resume includes 103JAMZ (Deja’s View), WAVY-TV 10 (NBC Affiliate) and WVEC-TV 13 (ABC Affiliate).   
A partnership with home, church, community, and family emphasize a problem-solving approach to discipline, and creates a formidable shield of protection and hope.  Dr. Hayes is thankful for his Christian rearing and spiritual foundation and was nurtured and encouraged by his late parents and his spiritual and intellectual father Rev. Dr. William A. Jones, from Brooklyn’s historic Bethany Baptist Church to always “keep before him his God intended destiny.”  
Dr. Hayes is the recipient of the 2010 Father of the Year award for the Commonwealth of Virginia as voted by 100 Fathers, Inc. Washington D.C., of which he still holds today. 
He is a member of The White House Fatherhood Working Group, The White House Initiative on African American Academic Excellence, under The U.S. Department of Education and serves as advisor, and National Board member to The 100 Fathers Inc. Washington D.C. 
Dr. Hayes was nominated by the 100 Fathers Inc. Washington D.C., for his exemplary efforts to improving the well-being of children, and his commitment to the fatherhood movement. This resulted in his receiving an invitation from President Obama to join him for the 2013 Fathers’ Day Celebration at the White House, honoring fathers highlighting his advances in father involvement, resulting from fulfilling his responsibility as a father.

Today, with much of the public concern about youngsters and male focused on strategies that are reactive to the existing outcomes, Dr. Hayes has formed collaborative partnerships that provide the resources to address  holistic leadership in each youngster beyond systematic classroom scores.
In keeping with the vision provided to him, he has implemented the Youth Leadership Development Institute (YLD), serving youngsters through outreach, with schools, churches, courts, recreation centers, and public officials.